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​1-Year Old Preschool Class

The Merry Hearts Ones Class meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays and is the beginning stepping stone for your child’s discoveries in early education. Cognitive play is the key foundation to learning about the world around them. Through play, your child will explore new challenges at their own level. Our caring teachers will nurture and encourage your child along the way as they learn confidence, patience, respect, and social and emotional development, which will carry them into becoming confident and successful individuals.


This class introduces beginning fundamentals through daily stories, songs, games, and simple art projects. Fine motor skills will be emphasized through stacking, counting, shapes, and coloring. Through play, gross motor skills will be highlighted using musical instruments, games, and time on the playground each day.

2-Year Old Preschool Class

The Merry Hearts Twos Class meets on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and continues to incorporate art and music, with a focus on sensory and social development. 2's students are introduced to age appropriate letter identification and receptive language development in addition to important emerging literacy skills fostered through handling books, listening to stories and a healthy dose of music, movement and dramatic play. 


Fundamental math skills such as numbers, shapes, sorting and ordering are taught as well as beginning reasoning skills from our sensory exploration and science units. 2's students build self-confidence and body awareness through activities engaging balance, strength, and hand-eye coordination, while verbal, social and fine motor skills are developed through imaginative art projects and an energetic, musical circle time.

3-Year Old Preschool Class

The Merry Hearts Threes Class meets Monday - Friday. The curriculum of this program employs interactive literacy and thematic learning experiences that strengthen social, intellectual and physical skills in every child through language, math, science, social studies, music and movement, and creative art. We promote language and literacy development by introducing fun and challenging activities that reinforce higher levels of letter recognition, phonemic awareness, expressive and receptive language, oral language comprehension and concepts of print. 

Math theories are taught through hands on manipulatives, block building and puzzle and patterning activities. Science and social studies lessons reinforce creative problem solving skills as well as a broader discovery of the world around us. Our teachers will introduce a variety of key, age-appropriate lessons designed to develop a lifelong love of learning.

Pre-Kindergarten Class



The Merry Hearts Pre-K (fours) class meets Monday-Friday.  The curriculum of this program is based on the belief that preschoolers need to have fun while learning!!  This belief is carried out daily through music, art, dancing, stories, experiments, engaging learning centers, games and circle time activities.  

The Pre-K Class uses Zoo Phonics Literacy program which teaches children phonetics through movement, pictures and letter sounds.  After children have mastered the phonetics, we will begin blending sounds together and inventive spelling (spelling by sound) of words.  Not every child is ready to begin this process, however, we believe in exposure and letting children master these skills at their own pace.  

Our Math curriculum emcompases many concepts including shapes, sorting, patterns, rote counting, number recognition, adding, and 3D shapes.  All of these concepts will be introduced in a fun and engaging way!

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